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DIY Canopies

Canopy Tent Rentals for Your Next Event

Canopy tents are a popular equipment choice for outdoor weddings and parties. At Diamond Event, we have a range of canopy sizes to fit your venue specifications. Explore our options and find a canopy tent rental for your next celebration.

If you’re holding an outdoor event, canopy tents are an easy way to protect your guests from the sun. Canopy tents don’t use center poles to hold up the structure — they use durable stakes and guy wires for stability. There’s plenty of room under the shade to set up tables, dance floors and other equipment.

While you might use a large canopy tent to house your entire event, you can also use smaller tents to separate different sections. You can place a catering station under a tent with food and beverage equipment or set up a DJ station under a small canopy. Regardless of how your choose to use a canopy tent, it can make your venue more enjoyable for you and your guests.

Sizes and Designs for Your Needs

At Diamond Event, our canopy tents set up easily so you can prepare your venue quickly. We recommend that four to six people set up our larger tents, while two can handle smaller models. Our available options work well on grass and dirt surfaces.

Our large party tents are an excellent option for shading the entire gathering. Our 20-foot by 40-foot party tent can hold up to eight 60-inch round tables, while our 20-foot by 20-foot party tent can hold up to four.
Our 10-foot by 10-foot E-Z UP Canopy works well for catering stations. Our E-Z UP canopy will protect cold drinks from the sun and keep your guests happy as they eat and mingle.

When you need to protect sensitive equipment, our canopy wall attaches in seconds to shield your gear from the elements. Protect sound systems and other electronics with a removable canopy wall.

Choose Diamond Event for Your Canopy Tent Rental

At Diamond Event, we want your wedding or celebration to exceed your expectations. Adding a canopy tent rental to your equipment can make the day more enjoyable for your guests, even when it’s hot and sunny. If you’re not sure what size tent you need, call any of our store locations or contact us online to talk to a representative. We’ll help you find the right tent for your event.