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Audio & Visual Support

Prepare for Your Next Utah Event With A/V Equipment Rentals

Whether you are hosting a wedding, business conference, lecture or show, every detail needs to be just right to keep your guests entertained and engaged. One of the most important details for any event is the sound system. After all, regardless of how well the content or your delivery might be, if your audience is straining to hear you — or can’t hear you at all — it won’t make an impact. That’s where quality A/V equipment rentals come into play.

At Diamond Event & Tent, we carry a wide range of A/V and sound equipment rentals. From megaphones to podiums, we have the audio and visual equipment you need to deliver an effective presentation or special event.

Our inventory, which includes microphone and speaker equipment, is designed to project a voice or music during your event. We believe you deserve multiple options to find the best equipment based on your needs. That’s why we don’t just offer one type of microphone — we carry stand, cord, lapel and wireless varieties.

For entertainment events, we also have movie screens for rent. Your audience will be able to clearly hear and see everything from PowerPoint slides to clips from your presentation when projected by our quality equipment.

Benefits of Sound Equipment Rentals From Diamond Event

As you plan and prepare for your special event, rely on Diamond Event for all your audio and visual equipment rental needs. We’ll be there for you to help plan, deliver and make your event shine.

Our team will work with you to ensure your rentals stay within budget and are delivered right on schedule. By renting our A/V equipment, you can also enjoy:

  • A large inventory of quality equipment
  • Peace of mind knowing you are working with professionals
  • Outstanding customer service

Order Your Audio and Visual Rental Equipment Today

Diamond Event & Tent is ready to help amplify your voice and music and transform your next event with our equipment rentals. We are one of the most experienced and established rental companies in the Utah area and offer three different retail locations where you can rent our equipment. You can also order online and have our equipment delivered directly to you.

Regardless of the size of your event, you will always receive attention to detail and quality equipment. Have a few questions? Contact us today!