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Diamond Event & Tent provides services for thousands of events each year - sometimes working directly with the event organizers and sometimes behind the scenes as a supplier to caterers, planners and venues. Whatever the circumstances, we will strive to make your event successful.

We can provide chairstableslinensand a lot more. Tents are an amazing way to give you temporary space - out of the sun or away from rain and cold. We can install floors, carpet, heaters or even air conditioning. Your space can do a lot more than you think.

Planning Your Event

It's important to remember that planning ahead is the first step to a successful event. There's so much that Diamond can do for you, but the actual logistics required to make it all come together require planning well in advance. Our team of event consultants can meet you on-site or in our design center. We are happy to help you think through all the details.

Diamond Event has a deep inventory and the resources to get it to your event. Our staff can deliver truckloads of event equipment to a large event, or you can pick up smaller orders at our warehouse to keep things easy. We'll work with you. Tenting can be complicated, and our expertise is unparalleled. We help our customers navigate permitting requirements and think through the details. Let us help you think through the options by reaching out or calling us today.

Take a look through our Event Case Studies to see how Diamond can help you make your next event amazing.