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Oven Convection Propane 4 Rack

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Oven Convection Propane 4 Rack


Optional Items: Sheet Pans - Chafer Pans (up to 8 - 2.5" Full Size) - Tongs

Requirements: 120V Power Source - Propane Tank w/ Fuel - 6" Clearance / All Sides

Helpful Hints:
 Weight 700 Lbs
 60,000 BTU / Hr.
 200F - 500F Degrees

Fuel Consumption Estimates
 90 Minutes Per Gal.
 5 Gal. tank = 6 hrs.
 10 Gal. tank = 13 hrs.
 25 Gal. tank = 32 hrs.

Added Fees / Costs

Propane tank / Propane (cost will vary depending on needed fuel)

****A Cleaning Deposit will be required and must be paid at the time of rental.

*** The Cleaning Deposit may be eligible for refund after the return and inspection of equipment. Refunds may take 5-7 Business days to process.

** Cleaning Depsit $99.95


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