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Farmhouse Giant Connect Four Yard Game


SKU# 4620

Bring the perfect game for all ages to your outdoor venue with this 3′ x 4′ giant four-in-a-row game set! This set features a large wooden game board that is perfect for playing outside. The game board sports finished legs and a durable frame. It also includes plastic coins. Half of the coins are colored red and the other half are colored blue to help differentiate teams.

This four-in-a-row game is easy to play. Two players take turns dropping coins into the frame, with the goal of matching four of their color coins in a row. When the game is over, the wooden bottom bar can slide to release the coins. This set comes with a nylon carrying case, making storage and transportation of the coins simple. Use this giant four-in-a-row game to liven up your outdoor event or venue!

Overall Dimensions:
Height: 3′
Width: 4′