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Fairs and Festivals

For decades, Diamond Event & Tent has been the Mountain West's most experienced and reliable partner for large fairs and festivals. In addition to the tents and structures, Diamond provides tables, chairs, event furniture, expo drape, lighting, HVAC, power distribution and other services.

Our customers range from local festivals serving an individual community, to very large public events with multiple large temporary expo pavilions.

Our client asked for a pavilion that would serve as a focal point for their exhibit space. We installed a 20m x 15m tent. We like how our client's design allowed this relatively simple "pavilion" to serve as the central hub for the entire exhibit space-a meeting space for potential customers, a platform for brand marketing and, of course, shade and shelter from sun and rain. The exhibit design pulled customers in toward the center of the exhibit and allowed the customer's equipment to be the real star of the show.

Our client asked us to provide a double-deck pavilion at the Conexpo trade show. This structure provided a large amount of meeting space on the second level, along with fantastic views of the exhibited equipment. The first level had ample marketing space to tell the company's story, along with an expansive "atrium" that had two sets of stairs providing access to the second level. The design of this structure allowed a fa?ade to be built around much of the structure.

This "Healing Fields" event, a celebration of veteran and first responder sacrifices, was held on a city park and the adjacent streets-which required a quick turn around and large enough crews to get the job done before the streets had to open for traffic. Clear span structures built on flooring systems can serve as very effective band shells, providing shelter from the weather and a raised platform for the program. Planning and investment really makes a huge difference in the success of an event.

Diamond Event has worked closely with the Sundance Film Festival for many years. Our tents have hosted VIP events, provided space for stand-by lines and served as back-of house logistics hubs. The weather in these mountain venues can make the installation particularly difficult and close attention must be paid to the engineering required for the mountains in winter. We are pleased to help support one of our region's premier events.

Diamond Event is frequently asked to provide tenting, seating and other services to music festivals and concert series. These are sometimes one-off productions with limited needs. Or they can also be multi-venue shows with complex logistical details on difficult timelines. Our 50 meter structures have been at Coachella over a number of years, but regardless of the size of the job we work with our clients to make sure their events are successful.

Just like so many other festivals, the organizers of Reggae Rise Up asked Diamond Event & Tent to provide tenting solutions for entrances, food service areas, VIP spaces, security stations as well as back of house organization. There's a lot of organization that goes into these kinds of events, particularly when the locations are off the beaten path. Organizers know that Diamond can get these difficult things done on schedule, as promised.

The Timpanogos Storytelling Festival is a unique event that Diamond Event & Tent has worked with for many years. This location in a picturesque canyon setting allowed the pole tents to become a distinctive feature in a beautiful venue for the festival. The choice of these tents gives a bit more of a stylized and perhaps timeless feel to the festival.

Swiss days in Midway, Utah is the quintessential town festival, with great food, cool merchandise and a high mountain vibe that's just fun. Because the weather can be so unpredictable, tenting becomes even more important. The event uses many smaller tents that provide a space for exhibitors, but the clearspan tent at the center really brings the event together "under one roof." It's an investment to have this kind of central pavilion, but it really makes a huge difference for the success of the event.

Diamond Event & Tent has a muti-decade partnership with the Utah Pride festival. The downtown location gives the festival a "center-of-it-all" feel that is perfect for a large festival. Street closures and the civic buildings require tight schedules and careful planning. Using a consistent exhibitor tent style creates a much cleaner look than many other festivals. The quality of the larger shade tents and covered stages also tie into an overall aesthetic that feels professional and well-planned.

For a number of years Diamond has provided tenting, seating, linens, food service rentals and, of course, glassware to the Santa Fe Wine & Chile Fiesta. Our tents provide the protection from the elements and a place for dozens of restaurants and wineries to exhibit. This iconic event brings together everything people love about Santa Fe, and even has even received our foodie production manager's "most amazing food and wine I've ever had" award.