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Corporate Events

Corporate Events

Diamond Event & Tent routinely helps businesses transform facilities into event venues, parking lots into temporary warehouses, and company parties into memorable events. We help sales events ring the bell with tents, seating and A/V.

We help your ground-breaking and grand opening events become memorable milestones. And, we help create temporary space when the need arises. Companies come to us for solutions, and we are a trusted partner for many businesses who know we deliver a superior product. Call our sales team to find out how we can help you take things to the next level.

At the Montage Hotel in Deer Valley, we were asked to provide a tent that could serve as additional meeting space for attendees at a business meeting. Frequently, our clear-span structures can provide additional heated space for Spring or Fall meetings, with the advantage of allowing attendees to be less in a hotel and more in the amazing mountain setting.

Our client asked us to provide an event space in the parking lot of a brand-new corporate facility. It would need to be build on a fairly steep parking lot in the Research Park of the University of Utah. An engineered flooring system and a clear span structure with glass walls provided a professional and amazing meeting space with views of the facility, mountains and valley. The location allowed for a grand opening party to be held immediately adjacent to the facility.

At the Canyons Resort in Park City, we were asked to provide space for a small trade show adjacent to the hotel. The clear-span structure needed to be built on an engineered flooring system that provides a level surface for the tent on what is essentially a mountainside. The interior of a tent like this can be easily reconfigured from trade show format with pipe and drape to meeting format with chairs and stage/podium.

A marketing agency tasked Diamond Event & Tent with creating an event space in an isolated location that could be used to host a marketing event for a large auto manufacturer. The sloped site required an engineered flooring system that could level the site, support the display of vehicles and provide support for a clear-span tent that would serve as the host facility for attendees. We were happy to help bring this vision to life.

Diamond has extensive experience in winter events, with particular expertise in mountain installations. Our tents regularly provide the on-site infrastructure for world cup ski and snowboard events in the Western United States. Our experience includes events at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, the 2009 World Special Olympics in Boise and the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. We value our long-term relationships in the industry and take pride in helping their amazing plans become successful realities.

Diamond was asked to build a media center adjacent to the venue of the 2020 Vice Presidential Debate at the University of Utah. The site is difficult due to the steep angle of the ground and the need to work around trees and other obstructions - but it's a key location that just made sense for the event. Diamond was able to install an engineered flooring system, which leveled the space, with a clear span structure built on the floor. This provided a large, highly functional space that was key to the event's success.

Our client asked for a temporary building adjacent to a mountain resort that could be used to host a fashion industry business meeting. The structure would host multiple events and flexibility combined with quick turnaround was important. A clear span provided exactly what our client needed, with the necessary HVAC equipment, the ability to support lighting and media equipment and the necessary access for quick turn arounds between meetings.