Hitting Deadlines, Meeting Demands

Google Cloud Services

Google Cloud Services Tent Google Tent Interior Google Tent Interior 2
Google Tent Interior Google Tent Interior 2

THE CHALLENGE Google Cloud Services required 18,000 square feet of additional space for a conference in downtown San Francisco. The available space was on the city street adjacent to the conference venue. Diamond was tasked to create a temporary meeting venue including HVAC, power and lighting. The catch? The city allowed for the street to be shut for a short period of time. Diamond would have only 30 hours to construct the structure and only 18 hours for removal.

DIAMOND’S SOLUTION This project required extensive coordination with the municipality, caterer and event managers, but the most challenging demand was the ticking clock. Multiple crews worked 24/7 to execute this challenge to precision. It required intensive planning and superior logistics. We staged deliveries of equipment, installed a floor, raised the beams, pulled structure fabric, integrated with HVAC and décor systems, worked alongside caterers…and then took the entire structure back down before returning the street to normal traffic.