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  1. Velvet Spice
    Velvet Spice
    As low as $3.20
  2. Velvet Spearmint
    Velvet Spearmint
    As low as $13.50
  3. Velvet Silver
    Velvet Silver
    As low as $66.65
  4. Velvet Mousse
    Velvet Mousse
    As low as $19.85
  5. Velvet Lavender
    Velvet Lavender
    As low as $75.85
  6. Velvet Grape
    Velvet Grape
    As low as $75.85
  7. Velvet Coral
    Velvet Coral
    As low as $75.85
  8. Velvet Aqua
    Velvet Aqua
    As low as $75.85
  9. Velvet White
    Velvet White
    As low as $75.85
  10. Velvet Smoke
    Velvet Smoke
    As low as $3.20
  11. Velvet Red
    Velvet Red
    As low as $75.85
  12. Velvet Mocha
    Velvet Mocha
    As low as $75.85
  13. Velvet Fern
    Velvet Fern
    As low as $75.85
  14. Velvet Ivory
    Velvet Ivory
    As low as $3.20
  15. Velvet Buff
    Velvet Buff
    As low as $3.20
  16. Velvet Brown
    Velvet Brown
    As low as $75.85
  17. Velvet Black
    Velvet Black
    As low as $3.20
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Event Linen Rentals

When it comes to planning your next event, one thing's for sure: we offer the widest array of table linen rentals in all of Utah. For years, Diamond Event & Tent has been delivering unparalleled customer experiences and acing customer satisfaction. Whether you need tables, chairs, tablecloths, tent rentals or something else, we have you covered.

From corporate events to backyard dinner parties, there's no kind of event we haven't supplied equipment for. Our passion is transforming our clients' event venues into their aesthetic dream spaces.

The Largest Selection of Table Linen Rentals in Utah

Linens are an essential part of every event. They help set the stage for your guests and make your centerpieces pop. If you're looking for tablecloth rentals in Utah and you like options, you'll love our wide selection:

  •     Fabric: From velvet to cloth, we carry different materials to fit different event styles.
  •     Pattern: We offer pure color, checkered, lacy and shiny patterned tablecloths. Depending on what kind of vibe you're going for, you can choose the best pattern for your event.
  •     Color: When it comes to color, we promise you'll find exactly what you're looking for in our selection. We offer hundreds of different color options from classic, imperial white to vibrant reds, greens, purples and just about everything in between.
  •     Size: We carry big tablecloths and small linens alike. No matter what your linen rental needs in Utah are, we'll gladly take care of them.

When to Call in Your Tablecloth Rental in Utah

If you're having an event in Utah, you'll need to call a tablecloth rental company. With us, you can call at any time. Our most popular events include:

  •     Backyard parties: Dazzle your guests with a dreamy backyard party complete with white or colored tablecloths, or go for that classic checkered look.
  •     Corporate events: Choose a unique tablecloth to grab your guests' attention. You can even opt to align your company colors with your linen rental choice for an added air of unity and pride.
  •     Weddings and special occasions: No matter what your wedding theme or special occasion design entails, we'll empower you to choose the perfect tablecloth to complement your style.

Benefits of Choosing Us as Your Go-To Linen Rental Company in Utah

In addition to our outstanding customer service, we're proud to offer our clients the following benefits:

  •     Unmatched experience: Our professionals are the most reliable, knowledgeable, trustworthy and skilled specialists in our industry. When you work with us, we'll deliver on time, every time.
  •     No order minimums: Unlike most companies, we don't believe in placing minimums on your orders. If you need just one table or chair, great. If you need hundreds, that's excellent too.
  •     Pickup and delivery options: Nothing is better than having options to choose from. As your day draws near, you can pick up your table linen rentals and other equipment, or we can deliver them right to your venue whenever you want.
  •     All-in-one service: We offer an all-encompassing service option. Arrive at your event on time and leave when you like. We can handle delivery, setup, breakdown and everything in between.

Contact Diamond Event & Tent Today

Reach out to us today with any questions about our rentals or services!