Hosting Events during a "Stabilization" Phase

Current guidelines in our state limit the number of people that can attend any gathering and encourage responsible behavior aimed at preventing further contagion. Diamond Event & Tent knows you have important life events or business needs and that you want to move forward as quickly and responsibly as possible.


We have equipment that can help promote a responsible traffic flow through your event space. This includes various barriers including stanchions, bicycle barricades, turf walls, fencing etc. As conditions become more open, we believe that this equipment will help our customers responsibly, comfortably and safely use our event services. Some of our customers have already suggested staggering the times that various people can attend their event (for example, allowing guests to come during a 30 minute window, sanitizing the event space and then allowing the next group to come during the next window).


We will continue to collect ideas and be a resource to our clients as ideas emerge and conditions change. We cannot predict the future, but we know that we will continue to follow the best guidance and provide an excellent customer experience as we creatively find new and exciting ways to celebrate the events of our lives. And we will share that information with you HERE.